Chalkboard Paint

So I wanted to try and make a chalkboard and I had tried with the chalkboard spray paint but it was disastrous! I must have read the directions wrong. Anyway, I found a tutorial on how to make your own chalkboard paint with only two ingredients: paint and grout. Because of the simplicity you can use any color paint you want! I used black acrylic paint from Michaels and bought the unsanded grout from Do It center for 3 dollars (you can probably find it at any hardware store). As a surface I used an old picture frame that I had wasting away, but because it’s a paint anything can become a chalkboard, the possibilities are endless! So here is my finished product:


The paint is awesome but the measurements make A LOT of paint. I loveee the chalkboard and use it to let my family know where I am because they tend to forget and then text me constantly. So here is the link to the tutorial:

Good Luck !



I’m Back!

I know I’ve been M.I.A for a while but life has once again gotten in the way! I’ve had about 294390240938 ideas and have done 0 :(, well that’s not entirely true… I’ve done 2! Since I am going into my last semester of college I don’t know that I will have that many DIY’s from my doing but I will still be posting ideas that I find elsewhere.

Wish me luck!


Pop Can Key Chain

Picture of pop can key chain

This is the original post and directions by “Craft Lady Lindsay.” I decided to try and make this for my younger sisters birthday and it actually worked out rather well! Below are my pictures and step by step.

Here is a picture of all the materials I used to make the keychain. In case you can’t see it well there is: one can of Arizona green tea, a bottle of Mod Podge (dimensional magic), a hammer, a small nail, a pen, sharpie, scissors, a sheet of card stock, and wax paper. What is not in the picture is the key chain and jump rings. WASH THE CAN before using it. The last thing you want is for the can to be sticky.

Image of all materials I usedMy first step was to disassemble the can. In the tutorial it says to use a can opener but I had a hard time with it and got frustrated, so instead I hammered the nail in the can. Here’s a picture !
A picture of the nail I put into the can
Once I did this I used the scissors to cut it open. BE CAREFUL, I cannot stress enough how important it is to be careful because the edges of the can are very sharp! Once I cut it open I disassembled it making sure to leave enough space between the parts that I wanted to use. This is what the can looked like disassembled:
Can after it has been cut into pieces
In the corner of the top picture you can see all the little hearts I cut from the card stock. Make sure you make hearts of all shapes and sizes so that you have a lot to choose from. All size heartsAfter making all the hearts use the sharpie and place the cardstock hearts over the pieces of the disassembled can. Once you do this you will be able to cut out the hearts from the can.Can HeartLots of can heartsTa-da! These are the pieces I ended up using for the keychain. Not all of the pieces need to be hearts. It’s good to have some variety in the pieces.

Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the mod podge. I just placed the pieces on the wax paper and applied the mod podge on top. It takes about 3 hours to dry so be patient and don’t over apply! I did three coats on the graphic side and two on the back.

After everything was dry I took the small nail and hammered it through in alternating corners and inserted the jump rings. Do not hammer on top of the table, use a wood cutting board if you have one or a surface made for hammering.

Below is the finished product !
This idea was super cute and totally worked! It did take some time because of the mod podge but I think it was worth it. Good Luck :3

Broomstick Lace Bracelet

This bracelet is super cute and unique. It requires no previous knowledge or skill in crocheting, or talent for that matter. I have never crocheted before this but it was still fairly simple even though I had to restart it about three times. I borrowed my sisters yarn and hooks because I have never been too interested in crochet. For the big “broomstick” I just used a thick highlighter because I didn’t want to spend money on one. It still looks like the picture at the end even though I didn’t use the proper tools. Unfortunately I didn’t take picture of my step by step because the pictures on the website are better than anything I could do. The only tips I have for people who have never done this before is be patient and make everything as loose as possible. Loose is good in this case because it will make your loops neater and will make it easier for you to follow. Good Luck ! Below is my finished bracelet :3

Heart Pattern Friendship Bracelet


Thought this DIY looked simple enough for starters. I have made many friendship bracelets before so this isn’t a new thing for me. However, I have never seen or attempted this specific one. Below is my attempt at this friendship bracelet:

All you need is a clipboard or tape and two different colors of string.

First off, make sure the string is long because you’re going to need a lot of it. I ended up running out so there isn’t a picture of the finished bracelet.

This is step 1. All that it is is making sure the colors are in place. The two middle strings need to be the same color in order for this to work.

Step 2 requires some previous experience with friendship bracelets because you are going to be making a V. Make sure you make one row of each color before continuing. If you need help with the V knot here is a link to different kinds of knots and how to do them:

Step 3 gets tricky and confusing, I had to re-do this one a couple of times before figuring it out. You’re going to grab the outer most second color (red in my pictures) and tie them over the outer most first color (yellow). Do this on both sides.

Step 4 is just a normal arrow to the middle but skip the first string and only do the inner 3.

Step 5 is a repeat of Step 3 but with the use of the first color (yellow).

Step 6 is just a normal arrow with the inner 3 strings (skip the outside strings).Step 7 is just a normal arrow using all strings. Once you’re done with all the steps you just keep repeating steps 2-6 until you run out of string or have reached a desired length. Just remember to leave room at the top and bottom so that it can be tied.

Step 8: You are finished ! (or kinda finished)


As you can see this pin works! It just takes patience and practice. Don’t be discouraged if your first one isn’t perfect, as you can tell mine wasn’t. Try it for yourself and good luck!


Couch to 5k

Couch to 5k is a beginner’s guide to running. The website explains why its good and I would have to agree with the claims that it makes. It’s a 9 week running program that starts off slow and will have you running a 5k (or close to one) in 30 minutes! Now, this isn’t my first time trying this program, it’s actually my fourth. In the past, life has gotten in the way and I would forget what week I was on or what workout. This time around I have taken it as seriously as I can and have actually been keeping up with the program. Most of my new success is due to an interval app on my phone that has allowed me to keep track of what workout I’m on. This week is my 5th week and it has been the hardest week so far. The first four weeks are simple, easy-going, and repetitive. This is mostly because of all the walking breaks you get, once the fifth week hits you are actually supposed to start running for an extended amount of time. If you’ve never really been much of a runner or exerciser this gets hard and requires some motivation. Needless to say, I am not looking forward to week 6, 7, 8, and 9 but will keep you updated on my progress.

Update: Finishing week 5 was challenging but I felt very accomplished afterward. This workout plan takes commitment if you want to see results and are really trying to improve. I was unable to do the week 5 workout 3 completely because of some unforeseen circumstances but I ran and gave as much effort as I could.


Hello world!

Hello! After being addicted to Pinterest for some time I finally decided to help people out and try some of the DIY crafts, cooking, baking, and fashion things we see on there. The purpose of this blog is to save everyone time and see what works and what doesn’t. I hope this is helpful and proves to be interesting!